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The Modern Icelanders Food and Saga
​Gourmet Tour with Chef Tyffi​
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​The Modern Icelanders Food and Saga by Chef Tyffi.​

Get​ to know the food and life of the locals with Seasontours.​

Chauffeured in the comfort of a minibus you will touch on many Icelandic points of interest while exploring the everyday quality of life in and around Iceland's capital. You will get to know about the settlement and how Reykjavík and suburbs were built. While picking up the groceries for the dinner, you´ll visit a local cheese shop, fish store, meat shop, and a wine and liquor store. Duration time is 4-5 ​hours. Pick up 13.00 and drop off 17-18.00 at your Hotel in the ​Reykjavík area.

​The highlight of Chef Tyffi's tour includes an invitation to dine in his ​own home nestled within the lively suburb of Kópavogur, where it is said the elves are still the oldest inhabitants. You will learn firsthand from Tyffi's kitchen how Icelanders lived off the land developing timeless recipes from ocean delicacies and mountain lamb. By the time you are tucked into your hotel at night you will have a good understanding of the unique and authentic Icelandic way of life.

The dinner tour is a tour that I designed to combine my chef´s experience and the tour guides education; I take people around the city and suburbs showing the guests the everyday life of Icelanders. I visit a few local stores, picking up groceries. The tour ends at my home in Kópavogur 10 min. drive from the city centre, where I cook for the guests. I introduce the traditional cuisine and the fine fish and meat, restaurants are using on their menus.

The reason I started these tours was, when travelling to other countries I sit on the bus from the airport

to the city center, gazing out the window wondering how the local inhabitant goes about his every day

life.​          Price pr.person 19.500 Isk. Minimum 2, max 8.

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