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All Seasons, all weathers, all fun if you dress well!

When visiting Iceland, it is important to consider the various weather conditions that may be encountered. While the country's name may suggest a cold climate, it is important to note that the seasons can be difficult to distinguish and may require the expertise of a local. Additionally, there can be significant differences in weather patterns between the north and south regions of Iceland.


During the summer months, which typically begin in June, visitors should be prepared for fluctuating weather conditions. Layering clothing is recommended, with a breathable layer closest to the body, followed by a fleece or wool sweater for warmth, and a wind stopper or waterproof layer as needed. It is important to avoid wearing cotton, as it can become wet and lead to dangerous cold exposure.


Visitors should also be cautious of imitating the clothing choices of locals, as they may be accustomed to the weather conditions and not experiencing the same temperatures as visitors. Jeans are not recommended for outdoor activities, and sturdy shoes with ankle support and water-resistant treatment are advised. In winter, Yaktrax or crampons may be necessary for safety, and are provided on tours.

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