The EXTRA Option
What is it?

We have learnt that many of our guests don't just want to hear and see! They want to experience, feel, sweat, go on top of things. Make the most out of their stay. Do more than the average tourist.

If you choose the EXTRA option you get to go on longer and more strenuous hikes, climb mountains and breathe in the mountain air.



How does it work?

When you select the EXTRA option, the tour will lengthen about 1-3 hours. We select more places to visit on the way and sometimes you get to choose between longer hikes, more places and higher ground for more spectacular view over the ever changing landscape of Iceland.




Is this option available on all tours?

Most of our tours offer this option. To name few the Snæfellsnes peninsula, South coast, Golden Circle and Reykjanes it is available. Look for the "EXTRA" label on the tour info. 

In most cases you will have to book early to be sure of availability.

For as little as 6500 Isk pr.person you get to add the EXTRA option to your favorite tour. Please ask before making a booking.