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Virtual Volcano and Reykjanes - Interactive Live Guided 360° Video Tour - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM EST/ 10:00 PM GMT

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Interactive 360° Video Virtual Tour
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This is a 360° interactive video virtual tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.

We visit the newly ongoing volcanic eruption and the famous geothermal area at Seltún.

During the tour, you can ask questions, look around, and even talk to your friends who are on the same tour.

We begin the tour by going to Lake Kleifarvatn and enjoying the view over the lake. There, we tell you about how Iceland is formed and the effect of the land residing on the tectonic plates. From there, we visit the geothermal area of Seltún and see it's colorful mud pools and hot springs, which clearly show how hot it is just beneath the surface. After enjoying Seltún for a while, we go towards the volcano and see how the lava from it is filling up the valley where it resides.

To take part in the tour, we recommend that you use a personal computer, although it is possible to use your phone or VR headset.

To view the tour please select the tour, go to checkout and you will receive a PDF document with a link to the tour.

You will have the option to Download the tour before it takes place. That will save your network bandwidth during the tour and the videos will run much smoother. If you have a very fast internet connection you can run the tour directly.

No matter what option you prefer, you can start now, look around, click on the signs/logos to go between places and see the things you will see on the tour.

To join the Live Interactive Session, you have to close the tour and start it again about 5 minutes or less before the tour starts to see the option to Join a Live Interactive session. This option doesn’t come up until the Guide has started the tour on his side.

You then Click on the Join a Live session button, type in the name of the buyer and wait for us to answer your “call”. You will then be able to Interact with the Guide and others on the tour.

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