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The Perks from living on a Volcanic island

Amazing Geothermal Pools (Spas) of Iceland

As we posted on our last blog, there was another volcanic eruption 40 km away from Reykjavík, we are optimistic and  hope it will be like the 3 last eruptions in the area, and will not disrupt our daily lives too much

Living on a volcanic island has its perks. 

Geothermal steam and water play a crucial role in providing electricity and heating.

Rainwater interacts with hot magma to create geothermal water and steam. The steam powers turbines for electricity production, while the hot water is used for central heating and faucets. The hot water from the radiator melts the snow on our driveways, saving us from shoveling. 

 We take advantage of the abundance of geothermal water by having plenty of outdoor heated swimming pools. It's not just a luxury, but also a great health benefit. Swimming lessons are part of the school curriculum, and locals enjoy swimming laps, sitting in the hot tubs, steam saunas, and even having meetings there. It is a unique and relaxing experience. 

One frequent visitor in my local pool is 100 years old, he drives to the pool. He bought a new car recently and went for a Kia for the first time. His hot tub fellows asked him “Why Kia”? He replied “It’s the only electric car with a 6 years warranty”

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Edmund Fu
Edmund Fu
Dec 19, 2023

God bless! 🙏

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