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Season Tours offers all you need in Iceland


Season Tours speciality

In our tours on our way out of town we go to a bakery to get some fresh baked delicacies, a special Icelandic treat.
We get good feedback from our guest because we take their photos at the sights they are enjoying. We share the pictures and the itinerary online. This way everybody is on the picture and in the vacation album.


Season Tours is a small company and intends to be small. Our availability is subject to the availabilty of our guides. At your booking a guide is set aside for that particular tour and when number of booked tours during a day reaches the number of available guides, other tours become unavailable. So be sure to book early for the tour you want..


Day tours

These are full day tours usually starting at 8:30 am and are over between 15:30 and 19:00 depending on how far we go. Tours are for 2-8 people, note that when booking for two to four people we take out seat number 8 which is in the front row by the driver guide. If booking for 8 people then we assume everybody knows each other and somebody can sit there. We only offer 7 seats in multi day tours except in private tours where there can be as many people you like but then again we use larger vehicles!


Overnight and multi-day tours

These are full day tours covering more ground without driving to Reykjavik every night. In these tours the accommodation, breakfast every morning and a three cours gourmet dinner in the evenings staying away is included in the price. Tours are for 2-7 people.


Shorter tours

Our shorter tours range from 2 hours to just over 5 hours. Walking down town, hiking in the mountains, enjoying delicious Gourmet food and learning all about what Iceland has to offer to your tastebuds and stomack. Tours are for 2-8 people.


Private and Customized tours

Here you can select any tour we offer and make it private only for you. When making a tour private nobody else can join in and you get to have the guide only for you. All customized tours have to be private but not all private tour have to be customized but can be! Combine any tour you like and add to it some activities like flying, hiking, riding, biking, walking while learning about the history, flora, fauna, the vikings and saga.

We also assist you in making your dream itinerary that fits your needs and budget.

These tours can have any number of people you like! Prices may vary according to season, number of people and accommodations.


Please select the tours by clicking on Tour List.