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Dettifoss is the largest waterfall in Iceland and is the same size as the largest one in Europe. That one is in the river Rhine. To visit this waterfall with Season Tours you can select between the Diamond circle or our seven and eight day tours around Iceland.

Dettifoss waterfall


This waterfall is in the north on a road to the highlands. Not visited by many and if you want to visit you might have to hurry because there are talks about harvesting it's energy and that way destroy the waterfall.



This waterfall is visited on our ring road tours and also on the Diamond ring and Mývatn tours. Beautiful surroundings, carved rock formations like artwork.



The waterfall is on the Snæfellsnes peninsula and well hidden if you don't know where to look. It actually doesn't have a name but we call it Sauðafoss (sheep waterfall) because so very often sheeps are found behind it. Yes, you can walk behind it.



This incredibly blue waterfall can be visited on a Golden Circle tour with an extra 30 minutes hike each way. The water is cold, fresh and clean and therefore like most spring rivers in Iceland drinkable.



Gullfoss is Iceland second largest waterfall. It is one of the major sites on the Golden Circle and is therefore probably most visited waterfall in Iceland. We visit this waterfall on many of our tours that span between one days and up.



This beautiful waterfall is close to the highlands. The meaning of the name is Help and it has it's name from the area below where the farmers could get water for their sheep. We visit this waterfall on the way to Landmannalaugar and sometimes on our multi day tours when we stay in the area.



This famous waterfall in Iceland is on the South Coast and visited in many of our tours. In summer time it is possible to walk behind it. The waterfall is best visited in the afternoon when the sun shines upon it. creating a beautiful rainbow.



In the gorge Nauthúsagil (Bull house canyon) there are two waterfalls, the picture shows the smaller one you have to climb over to get to see the other one. Magnificent gorge you hike to enjoy it to the full.



Glymur 198m (649ft) tall, used to be Iceland highest waterfall until a glacier retreated enough in 2007 to expose another one 30m taller called Morsárfoss. Glymur is accessible in about 3 hour hike back and forth in Hvalfjörður bay. We at Season Tours visit this waterfall on one of our Hike the unbeaten path tours. The picture is from the path we hike.

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