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How best to enjoy Iceland

Backroads, pathways, and highway tours are offered by Season Tours ehf. all over Iceland. Many of the major tourist attractions are located along the highways where big buses transport large numbers of tourists. Less popular locations are equally stunning but are more difficult for large buses to access. We enjoy taking our visitors on these off-the-beaten-path excursions. Of course, we also take our visitors to the popular sights, but we strive to do it before or after the busiest hours to avoid the crowds. Many of our visitors like to travel to Iceland more frequently or repeatedly, and there are many breathtaking locations in Iceland. Hikes that are short, long, near Reykjavik, or far away on the other side of the country. 


It is advised that anyone planning a trip to Iceland first determines whether the firm they will be employing offers Icelandic guides if they are members of the Iceland Tourist Guide Association. In Iceland, anyone can claim to be a tour guide without having any formal training, but if you want to be sure they are knowledgeable enough to be a decent tour guide, you should definitely find out whether they are a member of the Iceland Tourist Guide Association. You must have a sufficient education that has been certified by the association in order to join. This standard was established by the Icelandic government and recognizes education from a select number of institutions, including Menntaskólinn í Kópavogi and Endurmenntun HÍ (Continuing education at the University of Iceland). The Association of Icelandic Tour Guides provides a variety of continued education and requires their members to renew their First Aid course every two years.  


While driving around, Season Tours' tour guides are able and willing to provide you with all the information you require regarding the geology, how Iceland was formed, flora and fauna, history, tales of the Viking settlers, trolls and elves, and Norse mythology. How many occurrences of the global climate change, which began three million years ago, have impacted and altered the terrain. We mark out locations where Elves reside and where Trolls once lived but are now permanently stone.


Off-road driving is promoted by many businesses in Iceland. Even though it's obviously against the law, what they actually mean is that they'll be offering driving on well marked trails that might or might not cross rivers or they'll be driving on a glacier. Despite the temptation, it is never a good idea to drive along side or outside of regular roads.


Knowing that Iceland's growing season lasts only three months a year is helpful while traveling there. The purpose of rails, which are frequently found next to walking trails, is to protect nature, particularly the Flora, not people. Please stay on these routes; when moss is trampled, it turns into soil, flowers wither, and when one person steps outside, another will do the same.


When in Iceland's pristine wilderness, if you smoke or blow your nose with a paper towel, please bring a rubbish bag so that you won't be tempted to put it out in the open. Leave only your tracks behind and take only memories. Please don't make any changes to the landscape. Some individuals believe that it is OK to stack stones for amusement, although this is not permitted in Iceland. Visitors do not come to check out what other travelers have been up to. Also, it appears that when one cairn is built, it activates a mechanism in people's brains that makes them desire to build another one. Hence, when one is made, we usually notice them and want to build our own. In this way, a few days after one is produced, we usually witness hundreds of them. The cairns are typically destroyed by guides in an effort to return the environment to its natural form.

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