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If you're short on time during your visit to Iceland, our day tours are a great option. We also offer multi-day tours that include hotels, breakfast, and dinners a la carte. These tours allow you to see more of Iceland without having to drive back and forth to Reykjavik.
All the tours you see on our page are just examples. We can tailor them to your preferences by adding stops or skipping them, and including adventures like horse riding, glacier hikes, boat tours on the glacier lagoon, or an ice cave visit, to name a few. In winter, when you stay out in the countryside far from the city lights, you have a great opportunity to see the Northern lights.
We're proud to have been mentioned in Rick Steves' book about Iceland as a "Boutique Travel Agency."

Check out our itinerary examples for Day tours, Multi Day tours and Spa & Gourmet tours

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