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kr 10.000 or more
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Please make sure you have all the information from Season Tours on the amount to be paid here.

Please do not enter a dot "." or a comma "," in the price field.

For more information, please contact Season Tours by email:

We do not refund payments that are to secure dates, and the maximum refund is 90% of any other payments.

Please read our cancellation and refund policy below:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation right or right to return and refund. The buyer can cancel at any time, but the maximum refund is 90% of the price. If a buyer cancels his or her booking later than 30 days before the tour is scheduled, we don't refund any part of the payment.

We recommend that you buy travel insurance to compensate for any possible losses.

Please contact Season Tours if you have any questions.

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