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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is your Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation right / right to return and refund. The buyer can cancel any time but maximum refund is 90% of the price. If a buyer cancels his/her booking later than 30 days before the tour is scheduled we don't refund any part of the price. We recommend you to buy travel insurance to compensate for any possible loss. Please contact SEASON TOURS if you have any questions.
  • What to wear in Iceland?
    All Seasons, all weathers, all fun if you dress well! How hard can it be to decide what to wear when you visit a country that is called ICELAND? Well!, we have had some complaints (at least one) about not telling our guests to be aware of the cold, wind, rain, heat (not so much) and the burning sun. Now, here below we were going to divide the year into four seasons but didn't. This may come as a surprise for you but the seasons can sometimes become very similar and from time to time very hard to tell them apart. You will need an expert to tell you what season it is as some days (even some hours) can seem to have all of them. There is also a big difference (or at least can be) between the weather in the north and south in Iceland. The weather in the northern part is more similar (usually) to a continental climate where it is warmer in the summers and colder in the winters while in the south the climate is more like an island climate with sometimes the same temperatures all year round (in fact Iceland is an island and some people even believe that the word island comes from the name of this particular island which in fact is in Icelandic written "Ísland") The Summer typically starts (when that happens) sometime in June. It doesn't come sudden, you will have to look at the calendar and guess if it has arrived or not. All the snow will probably have disappeared from the lowlands and you don't have to scrape your windshields in the mornings. If you are going on a day tour you can't be sure if the weather will be like it is here and now after an hour of driving. So, what do you do? Well the answer is layers. Many layers. Closest to the body you have a layer that breathes. Cotton is a no no. You don't wear cotton in Iceland when there is the slightest possibility of rain (unless you are Icelandic and down town). Cotton gets wet from rain or just even by your sweat. When this happens and you stop walking, the wind will make you cold, very cold and there is always wind and I know I am not supposed to scare you off but, people have died because of this. Cotton takes a long time to dry and is therefore not suitable clothing except for down town use. For the innermost layer use polyester or wool and it has to breathe! This could be a t-shirt in summer or long sleeves in winter Layer two would be a fleece or wool sweater to keep you warm. Depending on how thick this sweater is you might want to add another layer of a similar kind. The third (or fourth) layer would preferably be a wind stopper and depending on if it is waterproof or not, you add a waterproof layer. in winter this would be a thicker jacket, preferably waterproof if the snow turnes into sleet or frosty rain. Using layers make it better to adjust to the ever changing conditions you are experiencing. When you get the hang of it you will be taking off and putting on layers all day long. Extra rules: Do not imitate how people dress when you see them outside wearing shorts and t-shirts. These are typically Icelanders that have seen sunshine some part of the day. The temperature could easily be around the freezing point or about 20°F and they don't notice. Jeans are cotton and therefore no good except for down town use. Shoes! wear preferably hard sole shoes with a support for your ankle. Spray with silicon to make them water resistant for rain and snow. Of course you also use good wool socks or layers of socks. Yaktrax/Crampons are essential in winter time to stay safe. In our tours we provide them when needed.
  • What accommodations will there be on the tour?
    In the multi day tours the accommodation, breakfast and a two course dinner is included. The accommodations we use are clean, comfortable and have private bathroom facilities. What is most important is that the food is good and you can select main courses and choose between starters and desserts from a menu.
  • Do you have WiFi on board?
    There is free WiFi offered in our cars but only for fun purposes! No work! :-) We are on Instagram as @seasontours, Facebook as SeasonToursIceland and Twitter #SeasonTours. We share all photos taken on tours on the internet for you to enjoy and show your friends. We don't send the pictures to others but you can! The WiFi password is "HaveFunNow"
  • Are there options for pescatarians, vegetarians or vegans?
    In the day tours we visit a restaurant at lunch time where you have the opportunity to by yourselves lunch. There are always pescatarian and vegetarian options but we will have to know it before the tour if a special diet is requested. In our multi day tours we want to know when you book if you have any special dietary restrictions. All the hotels we normally book do have options for everyone.
  • Can you help with itinerary examples?
    That is exactly what we love to do, to help you plan your vacation and then show you around our beautiful country. There are many itinerary examples on our web but we can help you customize it any way you want. Please write to us at for more information. Sending email and receive and itinerary example with us does not promise availability for the tours may sell out before you can book!
  • I am a returning guest, do I get a discount?
    Yes indeed, we offer you a discount when you are a returning guest. Please write to us for a promo code you can use when you pay for the tour.
  • Availability
    Season Tours is a small company that does not want to grow! We advertise many different tours on our web and also offer customized tours but the availability always comes down to if there are guides available. To book a tour with us you also have to consider that Hotels in Iceland fill up very early so booking in good time helps.
  • Snow and ice conditions
    In icy conditions we can provide Yaktrax to put under your shoes so that you won't slide when enjoying the great scenery in Iceland. Some paths are not accessible in winter without them and some not at all!
  • Do you offer Northern Lights tours?
    In our multi day tours there is often a great opportunity to see the Northern Lights without going on a special tour to do so. If we learn that there is better chance in a reasonable distance from the accommodation we sometimes drive in the evening to try to spot them if the cloud cover forecast shows more chance in the neighbourhood. The guide will try to assist you in taking pictures of the lights if you have a camera capable to do that. We recommend for you to learn how to set various settings on your camera before your travel.
  • Where do you pick up?
    Our tours start with a pick up anywhere in the capital area of Reykjavik. For some tours we also pick up at KEF airport. For tours that normally start in Reykjavik it is sometimes possible to offer pick up from outside of Reykjavik for a small fee. The vehicles we normally use are allowed to park anywhere in Reykjavik and therefore we can pick up in front of any accommodation. When booking you tell us where you want to be picked up but if you don't know at that time you just inform us in good time before the tour takes place.
  • Do I have to eat the shark?
    Only in the Snæfellsnes tours we visit the shark museum. In the museum you have the option to taste a shark if you like but of course you don't have to (if you are a sissy :D). The shark is served on a brown bread (rye bread) which takes the edge of the taste for the first bite. After that you don't need the bread to enjoy. The trick is also not to inhale the ammonia smell while tasting.
  • Do I need Insurance?
    We encourage our guests to check their travel insurance before coming to Iceland. Enter Iceland at your own risk! There are many places that don't have any rails or special warning signs but can be very dangerous. We try to stay on hiking paths where they are to be found but often there aren't any and the surface can be hard to walk on for those who are not used to walk on unpaved paths. We take no responsibility for injury. The light trolls are only out and about after dark so only when we are hunting for the northern lights we might encounter such a troll. No insurance company will compensate injuries caused by trolls and hidden people but in such a case the natural catastrophe fund of Iceland will step in.
  • Can I combine two or more tours?
    Our tours usually start and end in the Reykjavik area. However in our multi day tours we usually stay out in the countryside at night. We book the accommodations that let us minimize the drive each day. The guide then usually stays at the same place as the guests.
  • Is there a minimum number of guests for tours
    There is no minimum number of guests on our tours since they are all Private tours. You are welcome to book for one person or seven or any number you want but please write to us for more than 13 guests. On multi day tours we make you an offer for more guests than seven.
  • How do I Book a tour and pay?
    To book a tour with us you click "Prices & Availability" on the itinerary examples page. There you can see what dates are available as starting dates. Select number of guests, the date and fill out the rest of the required information. Click "Add tour" and then either find another tour to add or go directly to "Get ready to travel (Check out)". Booking is never confirmed unless it is paid for.
  • Hidden people
    Of course we believe in elves and trolls. To disturb as little as we can, we leave nothing and nobody behind. At the most we leave our footprints and the only thing we take with us are good memories and pictures.
  • Allergy
    Please tell us about any allergy you may have for us to try to accommodate you when we stop for beverages. This may or may not be possible to take into account when selecting restaurants.
  • Babies on board?
    When you bring your infant or toddler with you we can provide a baby seat but if you have one yourselves you can bring it with you. Please let us know at the time of booking if you need a baby seat or if you are bringing one with you.
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