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Eruptions in Iceland

As we all know, eruptions and earthquakes are a nature phenomena that we really have to take seriously. In the town of Grindavík on the Reykjanes peninsula have been thousands of earthquakes for the past weeks and late Friday night November 10th, the town of 3300 people was evacuated. This is not a lightly decision for the government but because of a possible eruption that could actually take place in the town, this was the only right thing to do. 

The last couple of days, people in small groups at a time have been allowed to visit their homes for few minutes accompanied by police and rescue teams to try to save any valuables and necessities. 

Nobody knows what will happen but we know that many of the houses in Grindavik are already not habitable any more because of the earthquakes. Roads have been torn apart and it is obvious that the town resides in a rift valley and that area has already sunken few feet also indicating that the magma is right under the town.

Scientists believe that there are few possible outcomes in this event.

One is that the earthquakes will slowly die out and everything will be as it was before, but of course with lots of damages in the infrastructure and homes.

Second possibility is that there will be an eruption, the eruption could start in the town, north-west of the town or in the ocean south-west of the town. If the eruption starts in the town, then it is most likely that there won't be a town there any more. If the eruption starts north-west of Grindavik the lava will then most likely flow away from the town and into the ocean. The last option is that the eruption starts in the ocean, this could mean that there will be explosions and lot of ash will cover the area. Possibly have effect on flight traffic for a while but all dependent on wind directions. For people flying to and from Iceland, there are two other International airports that can be used as a backup. So no worries about not getting to go back home if you are in Iceland.

All tourist attractions and towns in Iceland apart from Grindavik and the Blue lagoon are safe to visit. If there will be an eruption, it is very likely to take place in the next few days.

Here are few live views from the area:

Live stream from Mt.Þorbjörn rotating camera

Live stream from Mt.Þorbjörn

Live stream from Mt.Þorbjörn over the powerplant Svartsengi

Live stream over Mt.Sýlingafell over Sýlingafell rotating camera

Live stream over Litli-Hrútur last eruption place

Live stream over Litli-Hrútur close up

Here is information from the Icelandic Tourist Board:

It can also be mentioned that in light of the development of earthquakes in Reykjanes, The response plan for the authorities and the tourism industry has been activated. It aims to ensure an orderly and coordinated response by all parties in times of emergency.

Reactions are planned in the Civil Defense control center and notifications about the situation and changes to it appear regularly on The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management website It is therefore the source of information that people should look for.

Visit Reykjanes -
Safe Travel
The Icelandic Weather Service website 

You can also look at a new information page intended for the residents of Grindavík 

Statement regarding Seismic activity on Reykjanes Peninsula

The increasing likelihood of a volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula has prompted the precautionary evacuation of the town Grindavík to ensure the safety of the residents.

At this moment it is not possible to conclude when an eruption might unfold, or accurately pinpoint where exactly it might surface. The Icelandic Meteorological Office, The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, and a team of scientists from the University of Iceland are closely monitoring the situation and analyzing the developments.

Iceland is no stranger to volcanic activity, and there have been three eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula in the last two years. Icelandic authorities and the public are highly prepared for such events, and Iceland has one of the world's most effective volcanic preparedness measures. Iceland's geoscientists possess vast experience in dealing with volcanic activities.

Visitors to Iceland are encouraged to follow news bulletins for further information on the development.

For further info:

Previous eruption in the area
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