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Yes we swim! We enjoy the Gothermal swimming pools all year long. Because they are warm we don't care if it is freezing outside. After a good swim we enjoy the hot tubs or the sauna to warm up even more.


Try the hot dog

When having the hot dog, you should order it with "everything". This way you get mustard, ketchup, raw and roasted crunchy onions and remoulade. The ingredients are lamb, pork and beef in perfect proportions.


Go out for a Dinner

We at Season Tours are so lucky to be able to say that if you go out for a dinner in Reykjavik where they serve to the table, there is no place we would advise you not to go to. It seems they all take pride in what they do. The cuisine in Iceland takes the best from everywhere in the world. Here you can find Indian, Pakistani, Danish, Icelandic of course, Thai, Japan and even a Nigerian restaurant.


Icelandic sweets

Most of us have a sweet tooth! Chocolate covered liquorice is one of Iceland specialities that you don't find anywhere else. Many brands with different liquorice and chocolates. You will just have to try. Kókosbolla (not translated), Polish chocolate biscuit called Prins Polo, Nóa kropp and Hraun (lava) to name a few. 



Yup, you read it right. When temperatures in Iceland reach 10°C or 50°F you see lot of people sunbathing. In a warm climate you see people sunbathing on the beach and cool off in the ocean. We do it the other way around, we warm up in the Geothermal pools and tubs and lay in the sun. If we get cold we just go in the pools again.


Have a Beer

Since the beer ban was lifted on March 1st 1989 there has been an explosion in production of beers in Iceland. We at Season Tours are not going to tell you which beers are best but instead tell you to go and visit the many micro breweries all over Iceland. There is even a beer spa in the north were you bathe in a hot tub of beer.


Try the Bakeries

Yummi, the special Icelandic pastries are the Ástarpungar, Kleinur, Snúðar, Súrdeigsbrauð, Vínarbrauð and Hjónabandssæla. Loosely translated to Love balls, Kleine, Cinnamon buns, Sour dough bread, Danish and the Marriage Bliss cake. Of course you have to taste all of these. Our first stop in our tours is usually a great bakery.


Ice cream

Emm Ess ís and Kjörís are the biggest brands in Iceland but there are also Ice cream shops making their own. It is very common in Iceland to have an Ice cream no matter what temperature is outside. If we had to wait for the warmth, there wouldn't be any ice cream. Ice cream shops offer to dip your ice cream into chocolate, caramel or liquorice and then after that roll it in sweets of your choice!

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