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Information on how to work your way around here
Our Virtual Tours are like this one with 360° video footage plus a live guide you can ask questions.
It is possible to view the tour with an VR headset, on your computer, tablet or phone. 
Season Tours box texti innan í.png

Click on the logo in the top left corner for Menu

Hide hotspots, Mute sound, Show Map, Full screen, VR mode*, Giroscopic*, This info screen


Click on rotating logos to travel

Explore as much as you like. Find the stars and answer the questions

Click on the Stars for Trivia

Answer all the questions right to get 5% discount on our tours and 15% on Virtual Tours.  There is only one star at each location. Finish to see score.

Remember to submit your answers to for Discount

Share the Trivia/Tour with your friends

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