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We do what we like to do!

We have been asked by our guests why we offer the tours we do and why we are guides?

Well, the reason for that is quite simple. We like what we do and therefore we do it! We have been building up Season Tours for the last five years and every day is great! Well almost :-) When we experience something that isn't a great experience we just don't do that any more. For instance, we offered a day tour to Jökulsárlón by car. Even though the tour was great it just didn't work out for us. Staying up from 7 am to 1 am was just too tiresome and therefore we started offering the tour in two days instead.

Isn't it boring to go again and again to the same places we have been asked. Well, I though that would be the case and I didn't think this would be fore me. The reality is quite different. The tour is NEVER the same. The weather, the season and the people are never the same. The beautiful landscape is always amazing and keeps surprising me.

Don't you often get boring people on your tours? is another typical question. Nope! There hasn't been a boring person yet. I think that if you are travelling to Iceland, your mind is set to have fun and enjoy no matter what! So, no matter what, you are having fun and if not, it would probably be my fault and I try not to be boring :-)

We will try to update this blog regularly. If not, we probably don't want to do it!

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