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Viking Saga's for our guests here!

The viking Saga's or....

We have promised many of you to send you a link to the viking Saga's. Here they are, the most famous ones, little known ones and of course the bloodiest! The Saga's tell in a funny way the stories of the Vikings, the settlement, their relations to other historical persons like the kings and queens of Europe, their travelling, losses and victories, but really the things the Vikings did out of the ordinary. Just like the Newspapers today are not telling you who went shopping and what they bought, the Viking Saga's don't tell you that they went out to cut the grass for the animals to survive winter even though this is what they definitely did! It has to be fun reading, otherwise who will read it? Maybe they also wrote that boring stuff and that of course would have gone lost!

Remember that the word Saga in Icelandic actually means History! When you read the Saga's you will soon see that (everything is true) they often start by telling you who is related to who, where they came from and where they settled. This can be sometimes a bit boring, so just skip it! Later on, when you read more you will want to read this and then you of course do it! :-)

So for anyone that has been on our tours we can give you access. Of course we can't put a link to the Saga's on the blog or Facebook but if you send us a line to we will send you the link and password to your email address.

Clicking the pictures should also start an email editor.

Your friends in Iceland

The Season Tours staff

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