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Cristina's Yoga with Season Tours

We are proud to shout out to you that in October 2019 Cristina will offer a Yoga tour to Iceland doing Vinyasa Flow yoga mornings and afternoons and using our expertise in guiding during the day.

On the tour you will explore the breathtaking landscape of Iceland in a 6-day retreat that will bring you closer to the near supernatural wonders of this secluded island nation. Your itinerary was personally curated by Cristina to expose you to the austere, rugged beauty of Iceland while awakening your inner spirit of adventure.

By creating a small and intimate experience through daily yoga and scenic excursions, Cristina will introduce you to the place and it’s people that have left her heart and spirit forever changed

Focusing on both the spiritual release of yoga and the connection to the natural world through hiking and exploring, this six-day excursion combines all these amazing sites in Iceland with the opportunity for a little adventure with activities such as snowmobiling, hiking, caving and horseback riding.

Yoga on a mountain top

More information and booking the yoga retreat here on Cristina's web. The retreat starts in Iceland on the morning of the 18th of October. Please share this information with all your yoga friends!

P.S. This is for both beginners and experienced yogis!

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