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All clear! The Eruption is over

Early this morning, the Icelandic Met Office sent a drone to fly over the eruption site and found that the eruption has now stopped. There doesn’t seem to be any activity, but it is to early to say that all the activity has come to an end. People don’t dare to celebrate just yet, but the hope is up. The people of Grindavik are now allowed to stay in the town between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. every day to attend to their belongings. It is not advisable to allow staying over night until receiving more data from scientists. Also, the infrastructure is now being checked and repaired. Sewers, hot and cold water pipelines, roads, and electricity have to be in order. One of the children's schools is now being checked to see if there is any damage to the structure. Before anybody can move back, all these things have to be in order. Also, if something happens and the eruption starts again, the roads out of town have to be in good condition and cleared of snow. 

The picture shows Northern Lights in winter in Iceland. Now, until the end of March is the time to visit to see them! Welcome to Iceland!

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