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Iceland is safe despite the Eruptions!

Updated: Apr 23

Unfortunately bad news sell better than the good ones. Also a lot of social media seems to thrive on shocking and extreme video clips.

It has come to our attention that people are reluctant to travel to Iceland because of the ongoing eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula. Because of the eruptions and earthquakes, the town of Grindavik isn't considered safe to live in and is therefore closed. The people have had to move away, most of them to neighboring towns. The neighboring towns have relied on infrastructure like hot water pipelines and electricity from the power-plant at Svartsengi. This was damaged at the beginning of the eruption, but it has now all been restored. The Blue Lagoon is by the Svartsengi power-plant and has been opened, but because of gases coming from the eruption, it has to be closed from time to time.

Everywhere else in Iceland, there is nothing to worry about. All the tourist attractions in the south, west, north, and east are not affected by the eruption.

So come to Iceland and visit all the other spa and bathing places, the Nature Baths, Hvammsvík Hot Springs, Fontana, Sky Lagoon, The Secret Lagoon, or the local geothermal swimming pools the locals go to in every town.

Experience the sunset and sunrise all in an hour on the nightless summer days or the Northern Lights in winter out on the country side. 

See the waterfalls, glaciers, puffins, flowers and enjoy the gourmet food.

We are here to help you with the perfect itinerary for your stay.

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Edmund Fu
Edmund Fu
Apr 25

We were in a group of 4 cruising to Norway and Iceland last June. We engaged Gunnsi of Seasons Travel for shore excursion around Snaefellsnes Peninsula after the ship arrived at Grundarfjordur in Western Iceland. We chartered Gunnsi's car and he acted as our driver/guide. Beforehand, he had devised a wonderful itinerary for us, tailored with local flavors.  For example, in our itinerary, we had a hike along the beautiful coast from Hellnar to Arnarstapi. This route is unknown to visitors, and we met several groups of locals during our walk. Gunnsi was kind to take us to taste local food, and needless to say, he took some fantastic photos for us. We enjoyed our shore excursion very much, and…

Replying to

Thank you Edmund, it was a pleasure to have you and your friends on the tour.

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