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Volcanic Eruption! Don't panic, there is no Danger!

The ongoing eruption in Iceland that started on May 29th, 2024, is at a safe distance from the airport and all the main tourist attractions in Iceland. In the beginning of the eruption, 1500 cubic meters of lava were flowing away from the 2.5 km-long fissure that opened up at Sundhnúkagígar. Power went off Grindavik when a mast went under lava, but there was no damage to both hot and cold water pipelines. A few hours later, the flow of lava had gone down to a fraction of what it started, and scientists believe there will be no more danger to the infrastructure or people. The town of Grindavík is also safe because of the walls that have been built north of it. Lava flows alongside these walls and is heading towards the ocean.

We still welcome everybody who wants to visit Iceland, learn about it, hear about the Viking Sagas, and enjoy it's beauty. If it weren't for eruptions, there wouldn't be any land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to visit!

This is a screenshot from live stream:

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