The preparation for lifting travel restrictions in Iceland is well on it ́s way. The Icelandic 

Tourist Board will provide Icelandic tourism companies with the necessary information 

regarding the arrangement and answer queries as much as possible. Please keep in 

mind that the arrangement will be re-evaluated periodically and may change rapidly if 


Lifting of travel restrictions in brief: 

  • Passengers arriving in Iceland from June 15th 2020 and later will be given the option to choose between being tested for COVID-19 or self-quarantine for two weeks. Children born in 2005 or later are exempt from these measures. 

  • Passengers will be required to fill out a re-pregistration form on the website before arriving in Iceland. The form will be available 72 hours before a scheduled flight. 

  • Estimated waiting time for testing at the border is one hour. 

  • Following the test, passengers can travel onward to their registered address (provided in their pre-registration form). 

  • Passengers do not need to self-quarantine until they receive their test results, but should take preventive measures to protect themselves and others from infection. 

  • Passengers can expect to receive their test results within 24 hours, usually on the same day, or the following day for those arriving later than 5 PM. 

  • Passengers will receive their test results through the app (Rakning C-19), or through text message. 

  • Everyone is encouraged to take preventive measures to protect themselves and others from infection. Frequent washing of hands, use of disinfectants and the two-meter social distancing is required. It is important that tourism companies send this message to customers and visitors. There are various posters available on that can be printed and used for this purpose. 

  • Please pay attention to the following: detailed information about the lifting of travel restictions can be found on under the link marked Travelling in Iceland 

  • News of changes regarding the opening arrangements will be sent to the tourism service providers registered in the Icelandic Tourist Board ́s database. 

  • After the weekend, an informative e-conference is planned for tourism providers, further details will be announced shortly. 

  • The Icelandic Tourist Board will also publish news on the Agency ́s website, under the button labeled COVID-19 where you will find various practical information for travel agents. 


Inquiries regarding the opening and related questions should be directed to 

Íslandsstofa (Visit Iceland) will take care of providing the necessary information to 

foreign tourists and foreign tourism providers, but we encourage you to be in good 

contact with your customers and guests and to inform them carefully about the 

arrangements and preventive measures in Iceland. 

We are all following new paths and we realize that you have many questions. Many 

answers can be found on and we encourage you to browse the website before 

sending an inquiry to