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Hiking for days!

We are making new tours where we will hike every day for about 4-5 hours and drive about an hour. Every day a new location and great scenery. We have been scouting many new places recently and also have many we know of from past hikes. We will be staying in accommodations out in the country side where there is a nice hot tub outside to relax after the hikes every day. There will also be great dinner to be filled up with energy after each hike. In the mornings a breakfast that fits the need of (hi)kings.

Hiking locations will be carefully selected after your ability, stamina and weather. The tours will be able to start any day we are available and people can join in anytime and be any number of days available.

When the tour will come on sale you select the start date and there you will be able to select any number of days available to add to the tour.

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