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What about the Puffins?

The puffins are about to leave. This beautiful and special bird leaves their young and head to the ocean close to Newfoundland where they stay during winter. The young bird then has to leave the nest soon to find food. This usually happens during the night and the bird will fly towards the first light he will see. This may be the moon and then the bird will fly until he gets tired and lands in the sea. This may also be the next city lights. It is a tradition for kids in Vestmannaeyjar to go out with their parents in the middle of the night to find these birds and help them early next morning to fly to the ocean. Research has shown that the young bird may live a solitary life up to five years until he comes back to where he was born to team up with the others. Best time to see the puffins in Iceland is from June to mid August. To help the puffins chics from mid August to mid September. We see a lot of puffins on our South coast tours. 

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