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Scarce Hotel Availability in summer!

Hotels in the countryside are selling out in the summer months. This is making it hard for travel agencies to offer multi day tours around the country. For the areas in a day drive away from Reykjavik there is almost no availability from June to August. Don't despair, there are still a lot of beautiful sites and activities that you can do in a driving distance from Reykjavik, Hveragerði or Selfoss to name a few places you might want to stay. There is plenty of hotel availability in the capital area and nearby towns so no need to delay your travels.

Also, September still has a lot of availability further out and has the best of both seasons, Summer and Autumn i e. the land is still green and there is a good chance of seeing the Northern lights.

Have a look at our availability for Day tours on our web HERE!

The pictures are all taken in a Day tour distance from Reykjavik.

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