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Selfoss - The Navel of Iceland

Who would have thought it? In Selfoss, a new "old" center with lots of new shops, eateries, and clubs was constructed a few years ago. Old because the structures were created using old blueprints of well-known houses from various locations in Iceland's past. The "Old" new Dairy factory has a food hall with a variety of delicious food and drink choices. The former presidential and prime ministerial summer residence, is now a café that serves traditional Icelandic sandwiches, waffles, and sweets. Fine apparel, a bookstore, and of course an ice cream shop. To accommodate the tourists who have discovered what a fantastic location Selfoss in the South of Iceland is for tourism, new hotels have been constructed.

Short distance from the Highlands, South Coast, and the so-called Golden Circle. Compared to Reykjavik, staying in Selfoss eliminates the need to travel back and forth to all of these locations.

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