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Visit Iceland after June 15th

After June 15th Iceland will be open for guests. Everyone is welcome but at time of arrival you have two options. One is to show a declaration from a doctor stating that you don't have the Covid19 virus or you undergo a test to find out if you are infected. On the latter one you will be informed of the results within 5 hours. In the beginning the test will be free for you even though the cost is about $500 for the government.

Everybody will be required to download a special tracking app. The app's sole purpose is to make it easy for us to alert people in the case of you or someone that you have come in contact to has become sick. Like the picture shows, there is plenty of space in Iceland and you don't have to come in contact with anyone 😀

Although everyone is welcome it can be hard to find a way to visit! There are scarce flights to and from Iceland. Icelandair has few destinations now; Boston, Stockholm and London until June 17th but after that they may add New York and Copenhagen and hopefully soon start their over 20 destinations again.

We at Season Tours look forward to your visit and prepare our vehicles after each tour by disinfecting and cleaning thoroughly.

Your friends in Iceland

Gunnsi and Tyffi guides and owners

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1 Comment

Maggie Markgraf
Maggie Markgraf
May 16, 2020

Cannot wait to visit again!

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