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We love hiking!

Hiking trails

We love to hike, and Iceland is a great place for it. There are no dangerous animals, amphibians, reptiles, or insects; there is nothing that can harm you except perhaps the weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, geothermal hot springs, and bubbling mud pools. All you need to do is read about your hiking trail, stay on marked trails, and watch the web page from the Icelandic Meteorology Office. In fact, there is nothing that can kill you except your own stupidity! :-) There are numerous marked hiking trails around Reykjavík within a short driving distance. We know a lot of beautiful hiking paths and can tailormade for your ability and stamina, so if you are interested, contact us, and we will take you there. We categorize the trails as easy, not so easy, and hard.

Hikes in the Reykjavik area and average time in summer back and forth:

Mt.Esja - Þverfellshorn, 3 hours 

Mt.Esja - Up from Blikdalur valley and down Þverfellshorn, 6 hours

Mt.Esja - Móskarðshnjúkar, 4 hours

Mt.Úlfarsfell, 1 hour

Búrfellsgjá gorge to the top of Mt.Búrfell in Garðabær, 2 hours

Mt.Helgafell in Hafnarfjörður, 1,5 hours

Hike to the volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula from the last eruption, 4 hours

Hikes in reasonable driving distance from Reykjavik:

Mt.Hafnarfjall in Borgarfjörður, 3 hours

Hike to Glymur, Iceland's highest waterfall, 198 m or 650 ft, 3 hours

Hike to the crater on the top of Mt.Eldfell on Snæfellsnes peninsula, 2,5 hours

Reykjadalur warm river, 3 hours plus bathing time

Hikes we offer on our multi day tours:

Hike from Skaftafell to the foot of Kristínartindar peaks, 5 hours 

Mt.Mælifell in Skagafjörður, 5 hours

Steinholtsgjá gorge in the Þórsmörk area in the south, 3 hours

Contact us for more information and booking.

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