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Where did the elves come from?

In Iceland, there are many elves, trolls, and dwarfs, but no fairies or leprechauns; they are in Ireland. The elves, trolls, and dwarfs are usually hidden from us humans. The following story explains why that is.

A long, long time ago, when Adam and Eve lived in Paradise, God came unexpectedly for a visit. Adam and Eve not only had three sons we read about in the ancient scriptures, they also had many other children, boys and girls. When Eve heard about God visiting, she noticed that many of her offspring were very dirty from playing outside in the dirt. She didn’t want God to see how dirty they were, so she tried to wash them all before God came to their home. When she saw that she wouldn’t make it, she hid the rest. When God came along, he wanted to see all the children, so Eve showed them to him, but only the clean ones. God asked, Is this all? Eve replied, Yes, these are all our children. Of course, God, being an all seeing god, knew that she was lying and said, Since you hid the dirty ones from me, I will hide them from the rest of the world. This is why we don’t see them, except when they choose to reveal themselves.

On another note, elves actually look just like humans but are usually much more beautiful. This is why it is so hard to distinguish an elf from an Icelandic person. 🙂

This is an Elf church in Dimmuborgir. Not human made. A place we visit on tours to the north.

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