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Top 10 Day Tours

The Golden Circle

This tour is absolutely Iceland 101. Here you see many beautiful and historical sites including the old Viking parliament site, the geyser area with spouting Strokkur and Gullfoss great waterfall. See more here or click the picture.


Reykjanes Peninsula

On the Reykjanes peninsula tour the ever changing coast line, bridge between continents and geothermal areas are visited. This tour can often be combined with a Blue lagoon visit and an airport pick up with a drop off at a hotel in Reykjavik or the other way around. For more information click here or the picture below. 


Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Snæfellsnes Peninsula has been called Iceland in a nutshell because it has so much to offer. Waterfalls, black and brown sand beaches, beautiful rock formations and picturesque mountains. It's actually so much that we recommend this as a two day tour. Read more here or click the picture.


Akureyri - Mývatn

This day tour can be done from Reykjavik by taking a flight in the morning to Akureyri and back late in the evening. The Mývatn area is an hour drive from Akureyri and there we visit the lava formations in Dimmu-borgir, Goðafoss waterfall, Námaskarð geothermal area, Víti (Hell) crater.


The Diamond Circle

This tour starts also with a flight to Akureyri and is similar to the Mývatn tour. Here instead of lingering by lake Mývatn we drive further and in addition to Goðafoss, Hverir, Námaskarð, Víti (Hell) we visit Europe largest waterfall, go to Húsavík and Ásbyrgi before heading back.


South Coast to Vík

Beautiful waterfalls, glacier, black sand beach and a gorge is what you get to see and visit on this day tour. For more information please click here or the picture.



Borgarfjörður has many beautiful sites including the most special waterfalls, goat farm, largest hot spring in Europe, ancient hot tub and a history museum. Read more here or click the picture.


Hiking the unbeaten path

There are actually many places we can hike with only a 30 to 90 minutes drive from Reykjavik. Beautiful mountains and exotic areas. Grænadyngja and Trölladyngja (Green and Troll mountains), Mt.Esja, Mt.Hafnarfjall and Mt.Elfell crater and an adventurous gorge to name a few. Read more here or click the picture.


Egilsstaðir - Stuðlagil

This day tour can be done from Reykjavik by taking a flight in the morning to Egilsstaðir in the east. On the way we it is possible to add a visit to and swim in the beautiful pool site Vök.


Ísafjörður - Bolafjall and Dynjandi

Ísafjörður is the largest town in the north west in Iceland. The mountains in this area are all flat at the top and possible to drive up to one of them called Mt.Boli. This is where we take you on this tour to enjoy the spectacular view over the fjords in the west. On the way to the next spectacular stop, we drive the fjords and tunnels to Dynjandi waterfall.

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