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Has the eruption started?

After weeks of ongoing Earthquakes in the area around and then in Grindavik town in Iceland has the world waiting for an eruption. Still scientists are not sure, but then pretty sure, that there will be an eruption but not exactly where and when. It could be after couple of hours and also after couple of months but one thing is sure the area has begun a long phase of eruptions. Hence, three eruptions for the past two years in the area.

For many of the people living in Grindavík it won't matter if there will be an eruption or not, they won't be turning back to their homes. Many houses are not habitable anymore because of the earthquakes and just living in an area where scientists have told you that there will most likely be earthquakes and possible eruptions for decades to come.

Please see our web page where we have tried to answer some of the questions our guests have been asking us:

There you also find links to Live web streams where an eruption most likely will take place.

Picture from a previous eruption in the area
Picture from a previous eruption in the area

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