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Hjörleifshöfði a stunning volcanic cap

Ruins of the last farm on Hjörleifshöfði 1936

We are always looking for new interesting places to visit with our guests, and we often get tips from locals where we stay, I recently stayed in Martinas and Jons BNB near the village of Vík, Jón one of the owners told us about the beautiful hike on Hjörleifshöfði east of Vík, I have driven by there so many times, visited the Yoda cave in the south part of the cliff but never hiked there before. The whole hike is about 90 minutes the "Mountain" is 221 meters 725 feet, it is a (Móberg cliff) Palagonite Tuff that forms when a volcanic eruption is infused with water, Hjörleifshöfði is surrounded by black volcanic sand from MT Katla, for people interested in geology this is a great place to visit. On the south part of the Mountain, there are ruins from a farm, the last inhabitants moved away in 1936, They are buried on top of the cliff, and there is some preserved archeology there as well, The cliff plays a role in the story of the settlement, we will tell you about it when you do this hike with us

Matthew Closter on the top of Hjörleifshöfði

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