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Earthquakes and Norse mythology

Earthquakes and Norse mythology 

Why do we have so many earthquakes in Iceland?

According to Norse mythology, earthquakes are formed because the good Gods or Ases of Valhalla finally put shackles on Loki the devious one. According to Norse mythology, he is now tied up underneath the ground and will be until Ragnarok, the end of the world. In punishment for all his ill deeds they hung a snake over his head,  and when poison from the snake drips and hits Loki´s forehead he shakes, and we encounter earthquakes. As terrible as Loki was he was married to a good wife named Sigin, who sat beside him and held a bowl over his head, therefore preventing earthquakes, still we experience earthquakes and trimmers, the reason being when the bowl is full Sigin has to stand up and empty the bowl, therefore we start having earthquakes again. It seems like Sigin might be getting tired of this job because we’ve had many earthquakes recently. 

Our scientists rarely agree with Norse mythology, and folklore and claim that the earthquakes are because of the movements of the North American and Eurasian Tectonic plates that split Iceland in two, and volcanic activity. You will have to decide

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